Tiny the kitten and his surrogate mom, Sepia

My husband and I have been fostering a kitten that was rejected by his mom at our horse barn. She originally had two orange kittens but sadly one was very sick and did not make it. Tiny (as we call him) has been growing fast and is getting cuter every day! My cat, Sepia, has attached herself to Tiny and is acting as a surrogate mom (and a really good one, too!). If you’re ready for a cute kitten overload take a look at these pictures! Enjoy 🙂

~ by olivetto on November 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “Tiny the kitten and his surrogate mom, Sepia”

  1. If your kitten is at nomarl weight I’d give him free choice access to dry kitten food until he is at least 8 to 9 months old. Many pet food companies recommend a year and that is fine too, but most of their growth happens in the first nine months. Kitten Chow is fine, but if your kitten is constantly hungry you might try a kitten food with higher caloric density. I like both Purina ONE Kitten food and Pro Plan kitten food from Purina.Try to keep your kitten on the lean side during growth. Kittens that become fat may have problems with weight for life. Take a look at the feline body condition score chart in the link below and get familiar with what ideal body condition looks like and feels like.

    • Thanks, the kitten is doing well, he will be 3 in October! His name is now Marley and he lives with another orange tabby named Spot. He is very spoiled! Sepia is also doing well, she is a happy cat with her own one year old orange kitten to play with now.

  2. I don’t like the store variety bradns. They are convenient, cheap, and often disastrous to the health of the cat.First of all, continue feeding her the Purina One kitten formula, for now. Let her eat as much as she wants to. Kittens expend a lot of calories while playing plus, she’s growing. When she’s about 6 months old, cut back on her food following the directions on the food labels. Some cats don’t know when to stop eating, while others do. You may not want to let her have free access (keeping the bowl down all the time) to her food.When she is around 6 months or so, switch her to one of the following: Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance Ultra, or Wellness. There are a lot of good premium cat foods. Check the labels. Meat should be the first ingredient, has no grains (wheat or corn), and no phosphorous or ash content (check the canned food, though, as some contain ash).Since you have a female, you won’t have to worry so much about urinary problems, like you do for male cats. However, of my 5 female cats, 1 has urinary problems and her diet cannot include any ash or phosphorous. So I feed my cats Blue Buffalo Basic with some canned Blue Buffalo food in the morning.This could be expensive for you, but if you have only one cat, I’d certainly give her the best that money could buy. Besides, feeding her well now avoids vet bills later! Not to mention the heartache if your little fur-baby gets sick.Good luck! (And don’t forget to have her spayed at 6 months).

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