There is a BUG in my EAR!


This is what it looks like when your horse gets a bug in his ear during a dressage test. Lots of ear flicking and head shaking. Then, as he goes around the side by your reader, he flicks the bug out into her face. Aren’t horses fun?

~ by olivetto on June 2, 2011.

4 Responses to “There is a BUG in my EAR!”

  1. Been there – done that! At one October show I had a big fat snowflake go in my mare’s ear right before the test. Sure breaks the concentration!

  2. At least he got rid of the bug.

    • Yup, he shook it out! Silly horse. I don’t clip his ears so things like this won’t happen. Oh well, the best laid plans…. 🙂

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