A Triple Crown Winner This Year?!

Let’s hope so! I’ll Have Another has taken 2 of the Triple Crown races so far and also won the “prequel” to the Triple Crown: the Santa Anita Derby. He is such a lovely chestnut!
I probably mentioned this before, as it is still one of my favorite memories, but I was able to have a private tour of Three Chimneys on Easter in 2007. The farm is just gorgeous and the horses amazing. Yes, I did meet Dynaformer (we weren’t allowed too close to him due to his, um, personality) and Smarty Jones (nice horse, very friendly!)

Rahy the day I met him in 2007

My personal favorite was and always will be the little red guy, Rahy. Tiny, fast and sweet. He passed away this year along with my childhood favorite, Strike the Gold (can you see a pattern? I’m Amanda and I’m a chestnut horse addict…). Both lived to old ages in comfort.

Anyway, as for I’ll Have Another, I have several reasons for liking him. First, his owner is a Detroit Red Wings fan so that guy knows how to pick a winner (and no, I don’t want to talk about this season. Not like the Bruins got very far this year either, did they?)

Second, I’ll Have Another was bred by Three Chimneys. My dream place of employment in lovely Kentucky. (When I visited they said I could come be a groom for Rahy. I almost didn’t leave!).  They have a wonderful program that if any horse from their farm needs a home they will take it back and find a permanent home. I hope other farms follow suit, that it so responsible and caring.

I’ll Have Another is by sire Flower Alley. You guessed it, a chestnut.

Flower Alley in 2007

Yes, I met him too. Another nice horse, you can see he likes having his picture taken. I’m still amazed at the amount of muscle the thoroughbreds have. 

Third, I’ll Have Another and Flower Alley are from the Princequillo line of thoroughbreds. Secretariat, Sham and Bold Ruler all were from the Princequillo line. He is known for the “large hearts” that seem to enable greater distance and speed without tiring as easy. (Secretariat was found to have a heart of 22 lbs, normally thoroughbred hearts are 9-ish lbs). So he has a great bloodline. The shocker for me? He is related to my horse, Olivetto, a Polish showjumper. We imported Ollie in 2005 and I never thought about his bloodlines. Yes, he is a wonderful horse. Sire is a German Holsteiner. Dam is a Gelderlander. Never looked too much past that until I had to get his passport updated for a possible overseas assignment in the future. When the commentators started mentioning Princequillo I thought it sounded familiar. Yup, he is in Ollie’s family tree. Even weirder? Sham is his great-grandpa. How does a European champion showjumper get American thoroughbred bloodlines? Apparently in Europe it is common to mix some “lighter” horses such as American thoroughbreds into the warmbloods to get faster, lighter horses. So, my horse’s “cousin,” very far removed, is up for the Triple Crown. The horse world is weird some days. Best of luck, I’ll Have Another!

Olivetto doing dressage in 2011

~ by olivetto on May 20, 2012.

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