The Animals of….Yellowstone National Park!

I am starting a new series on this blog stemming from my husband’s and my trip to Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area. We both love nature and so everywhere we go we try to see animals. Naturally, I take pictures of them. During our trip to Yellowstone last summer my hubby posted daily Facebook updates about the animals we saw there and people really seemed to like them. So, I will be continuing on that… in blog form!

Today’s feature: Buffalo!

Very close up of a buffalo

This guy was literally 5 feet away from me. I was in a car, it’s OK. (Really, don’t mess with the buffalo, they can be quite nasty. Don’t approach them, ever! Despite their size they can run 30mph.) We were driving near a herd and my brother-in-law told me to look out the window. This is what I saw, only he had his head up staring at me! So of course we took pictures and the buffalo went back to grazing.

 In this picture you can see more of the mountains in the background. Isn’t it beautiful there?

When we went in August buffalo fur was everywhere on the hikes we took. They shed in the summer as the days get shorter, just like horses and dogs do. I always thought it was weird my horse was shedding in August until someone kindly told me it was related to day length (artificial light can mess with this so your dog may not follow this pattern as closely as a horse or buffalo in more natural lighting and day lengths). The hair that comes in will be the start of their winter coat.

Buffalo undergoing a summer shed.

The herds were in almost every open valley in August. The herds can be huge and will often graze next to the roads in the park. Again, never approach them. They weigh more than horses, can run 30mph and are not domesticated. They will not like you. Some have horns. Some will be protecting babies, which will make them angry if you try to approach.

  Anyway, enough of my public service announcement. I hope you enjoyed the pictures! For more on the buffalo of Yellowstone check out the National Park Service page.

~ by olivetto on May 24, 2012.

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