It’s a baby buffalo! (And her uncle from Yellowstone)

I swear the posts will be more frequent! I have a job that is a long drive, long hours, blah blah blah. It’s a microbiologist position and I am helping the animals of the world (although some days it seems very obscure, not seeing my products used directly) but some days I just want to take pictures, brew beer, and play with the animals.

Anyway, here is a picture of a baby buffalo and its fuzzy mother. Taken at Hickory Hills Park near La Porte City Iowa (it’s OK if you don’t know where that is, I’m not sure if I do either). The park maintains a herd of buffalo and this little girl was born in May. Bison have a similar gestation time as humans, at 9 to 9 1/2 months.

Aside from the grizzly bear, the bison has the best scientific name: Bison bison.  Simple, nice, straightforward. (Ursus acrtos horribilis is the grizzly bear’s, which I hope someday will be my hockey nickname).

Baby Bison

Baby Bison, looking smug next to mom

In case you really wanted to see a wild buffalo picture (they look surprisingly like the managed ones) this guy is from Yellowstone. Yes, this was taken with a telephoto lens (100-400mm Canon) from inside a car. No way I would get within goring distance of these guys. Anything that big that can run 30mph and jump 6 feet is worth a safe distance.

He (she?) was rubbing his head on a utility box off of the main road on the Blacktail Plateau Drive. The Blacktail drive is amazing, with lots of wildlife (we saw a juvenile bear there our first year in the wooded area) and a mix of wildflower meadows and forest. It is a bit bumpy (dirt) but it’s OK to go slow (we have usually been the only people on the road).  You can usually see herd animals here in the summer months, though we saw elk and buffalo there in early October as well.

Bison bison in Yellowstone

Bison bison in Yellowstone


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